The Value of a Dad

Last Sunday was Father’s Day in some parts of the world. The guys at were chatting about this in the office the other day, when a bit an argument broke out over just how much our dads do at home, and just what they’re worth (in purely monetary terms).

They asked their life insurance guys to look into this, and they used some data sourced by their partners at Legal and General to produce an infographic containing this data – and it turns out that  dads do about £24k ($37,150 AUD) worth of household work a year, as well as their day jobs!

Read on to see the graphic…

When To Buy My Child A Mobile Phone?

It’s a problem that our parents never had. When I was growing up only “Yuppies” and Real Estate Agents had mobile phones, and they were “Car Phones”.

When I first started dating my wife (at the tender age of 18) and I wanted to talk to her on the phone, I had to call the house. Every time her mother would answer the phone, a daunting prospect the first couple of times. Then almost every call there would be the wind-up from the parents saying that we were tying up the line and that someone else might be wanting to call (usually other sister’s boyfriends).

iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

These days it seems that most teenagers in the western world have a mobile phone of their own. And most, if not all, parents face the pressure from their child (often from a very early stage) to by one for them. So when is the appropriate time to buy a mobile phone for your child? Is there an appropriate time? Or should you wait until they get a job and can afford it themselves?

Aussie High Interest Bank Accounts for Kids

At some point you will want to open a bank account for your kids. Whether it’s a place to put their pocket money because you don’t use much cash yourself, or they have a paper route that they are using to save for something special.
All of the big banks have special kids accounts that have reduced or no fees and high interest savings accounts especially designed for kids. Most of these accounts require a parent/guardian to operate the account on behalf of the child.
Here are the current high interest offerings from the major Australian banks