Diamond Forest Cottages – First Family Holiday

It has been a bit quiet here on Aussie Geek Dad recently, and for good reason! We have just been away on our first family holiday with our 1 year old son.

We decided to take a holiday “Down South” and spend a few days at a farm-stay. We figured that this would be the best of both worlds: a nice relaxing holiday for us parents and a fun place for an excitable little boy.

We chose Diamond Forest Cottages mainly because of its rating and reviews on TripAdvisor.com which are basically all 4 or 5 stars (over 100 of them).

Facebook Can’t Keep a Secret

Facebook: The privacy saga continues

Facebook groups now displays who and when people saw a post in groups

I noticed this start in chat messages, now it’s going into groups… so now what you look at isn’t even private. This makes it hard  to simply “ignore” something for a while.

I’m all for technology making things easy, but how exactly do they know you even read it? There are so many things in a feed that just fly past un-noticed. 

Let’s take this one step further…

Teens and Video: Chatting, Sharing, Streaming, and Securing

Teens are immersed in video, whether it’s using video chat applications, shooting and sharing video, or streaming video live for others to view. That said, with more video use comes more security risk. Let’s explore just how much teens chat, share, and stream, and look at a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

The Value of a Dad

Last Sunday was Father’s Day in some parts of the world. The guys at MoneySupermarket.com were chatting about this in the office the other day, when a bit an argument broke out over just how much our dads do at home, and just what they’re worth (in purely monetary terms).

They asked their life insurance guys to look into this, and they used some data sourced by their partners at Legal and General to produce an infographic containing this data – and it turns out that  dads do about £24k ($37,150 AUD) worth of household work a year, as well as their day jobs!

Read on to see the graphic…