On the way home from work yesterday I saw a prime example of what not to do as a father. There was a man waiting to cross a busy 4 lane road in peak hour.

He was on a pee-wee 50 style motorbike that was clearly too small for him to ride. He also wasn’t wearing a helmet. He also had his 18 month old son on his lap!

And you guessed it, the kid didn’t have a helmet on either!

Forget about the worries we have as parents about which car seat are we going to buy? Has it been installed correctly (we had Kid-Safe do it for us the first time to show us all the tricks)? Is the kid strapped in tight? Do they have access to water and a toy to keep them amused?

I’m guessing this guy didn’t even think twice about doing it. I still can’t wrap my head around how you could even think of endangering your kid’s life in such a way at such a young age.