student_ipad_school - 196Parents of Primary School aged kids will get $410 per child. If your kids are in High School, you will get $820 per child.

Aparently this is because not enough people we taking advantage of the previous education rebates which were based on receipts you had to account for in your tax return.

While I understand that a lot of people were probably missing out on entitlements under the old system, I’m not as confident as Treasurer Wayne Swan that the new money will be spent on the right things (remember the Plasma Baby Bonus).

Also in the budget up to an extra $600 for families receiving Family Tax Benefit A.

There is also an $225 Million to help cover the cost of Childcare for working parents, those looking for a job or getting extra training.

What’s missing as usual is any support for parents who wish to stay at home with their kids instead of putting them in daycare. It seems this government thinks that only those rich enough to afford it want to spend the majority of the early years of their child’s life at home with them.