So what do you know, we geeks have a day of celebration too! We are among the prestigious groups of receptionists and sys-admins to have a day all of our own (apart from sharing it with Towel Day, but they’re almost the same thing)!

Granted it’s only just getting started (the first was in 2009), but why not have a day to celebrate everything Geek. So get out your Star Wars Blu-Ray, your R2D2 mug and enjoy a session of your favourite sci-fi goodness!

Oh how bad to these stereotypes sound? Here’s what I want to celebrate about being a Geek:


  • We know how to get the home theatre working and set it up so it’s easy to use
  • We’re kids at heart, so we love playing with our own kids
  • We know where to get a copy of that 1 thing that you just have to watch!
  • We have grand ideas and designs for our backyards, including cubbies, forts, cricket pitches and footy goals
  • We can give you advice about what phone/tablet/laptop to buy and we know what all those features are
  • We can (most of the time) recover those files that seem to have gone missing or off that hard drive that just crashed
  • We’ll do all of these things just for the fun of it and not expect anything in return 😉


So Happy Geek Pride Day to all those Geek Dads (and Mums) out there!

Geek Pride Survey Infographic
Source: Modis – IT Staffing Agency