I found myself lying in bed last night pondering a thought:

Do people want help setting up their smart devices in the home?

My house is pretty well connected. We have the basics of Fast Internet, WiFi, Smartphones etc… These are things I think a lot of people have, and can set up to some degree.

I then think about what I have that people either don’t know how, or can’t be bothered setting up:

    • SmartTV – With access to TV Catchup services such as SBS OnDemand, ABC’s iView, Quickflix Streaming, Home Videos, Photo Collection (I have approximitely 30,000 photos available)


  • Wireless music streaming to my lounge HiFi and outdoor areas



  • Voice over IP – My study has a work phone on the desk that connects to the same system as the office




I have the skills to set this up for anyone in my local area. Are people interested in this type of service?