By Sean MacEntee –

One of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with since becoming a father is the severe lack of time. I’m a morning person, so have no problem with waking at 6am every day of the year. So is my son, and that’s where the problem begins.

It’s a rare morning where I can get up, have a shower and a cup of coffee before the boy wakes up. Don’t even think about wanting to get a quick hour or two of work in before the day really starts to kick in at 9am. To add to the issue, my wife is not a morning person.

My mornings consist of going and getting my son out of his cot at somewhere between 6:15-6:45 am. Then we’re into the routine of a cup of milk, a little play, some breakfast and before you know it I’m needing to head off out the door into the office.

The time at work seems to fly past. I like to leave a little earlier to get home in time for family dinner just after 5pm. Then it’s bath, story, and bedtime for the little man. By the time we get through all that we’re already at 7:30pm and I’m starting to feel pretty worn out.

If I’m lucky I might get to sit down for 30 minutes to an hour and relax in front of the TV. Try and get the kitchen clean again after the mess that is dinner preparation, and then I’m dead on my feet.

Most nights I trundle off to bed at around 9:30pm and fall asleep within 20 minutes.

Rinse, Repeat.

Someone please tell me it gets better 😉