One of the hardest parts about being away for work is being away from my wife and kids. But sometimes that absence brings out small things in the kids that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

This morning while I was sitting in a training session, I noticed a post on Facebook from my wife about what happened this morning when I wasn’t there.

Normally when I’m home, Mr 3 year old will wake up some time between 6 and 7am and call out for me. I’ll walk down to his room, or if I take too long, he’ll come down to our room, walk over to my side of the bed and drag me out.

We’ll head out to the family room, where he will sit in his favourite chair and say “Please dad, I want milk”. Then before I can even get to the kitchen comes “Please put TV on dad”. So we sit in front of the TV drinking slightly warm milk (coffee for me) and watch kids TV.

Photo by Ben Seidelman

Now my wife is not a morning person, so I was wondering what might happen this morning. The post on Facebook went something like this:

Feeling a bit baffled. Somehow Ethan got up and poured himself a cup of milk, from a full, unopened 3L carton. No sign of mess that I can see. Hmm??? Just glad that he can’t reach the microwave to warm it up 😉


Apparently he washed his cup in the sink first too, “to make it shiny!


He also turned the tv on by himself

I guess watching me do it every day, things sink in. Get up, get the cup, wash the cup, get the milk out, fill the cup, put the lid on. It’s a good thing that the microwave is too high for him to reach! Probably would have put it on for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds!

But in the end it showed that our 3 year old is growing up so fast, and much more capable than we probably give him credit for…