If sitting is the new smoking, then I just quit.

I have been reading for a long time that sitting in a chair in front of a computer all days is detrimental to your health. For a while I have been looking at expensive desk chairs, posture, fit balls etc… I’ve never really worked a place until now that I felt I could approach about buying anything more than the essential for my desk. But now I’m at a company that values its employees.

A couple of months ago I was researching the options again and was leaning towards an adjustable desk that allows you to sit, or stand, at the touch of a button. A couple of days later, a co-worker sent me a link to a newsletter from one of our clients touting exactly that.

Move forward a month and I was at my monthly visit to the Chiropractor and he said, “If you weren’t sitting in front of a computer all day, I wouldn’t have to do much to your back.” So I asked about standing desks. His response was, if you can get one I highly recommend it. His reception staff stand all day and the best advice was to pay close attention to the mat you stand on. “Get the thickest one you can.”

He bought 2 different sizes, 8mm and 10mm. Every single receptionist could tell him the difference by standing on them each all day. Every single one of them preferred the thicker one.

That morning, I forwarded the link from our client to my boss. He said, “Funny you mention that, we were reading about exactly that in a magazine on the way back from a conference the other day. The office manager is looking into it now.”

Fast forward a couple of week to today, and my old desk has been cleaned off ready for the new one to be delivered. I can’t promise that I’m going to be standing all day every day, but I am aiming to be standing more than sitting. I may get sore legs and will have to pay attention to posture.

The good thing about this new desk is that the whole surface rises and falls to the exact position you want, so there’s no bending over to answer the phone or write a note with a pen and paper.

I will follow up in a couple of weeks after getting used to the desk with any benefits or