Do you get embarrassed carrying around your wife/partner’s nappy bag. Is it just an oversized handbag? Recently we started the search for a nappy bag that both of us would be happy to be seen with.

Before you start your search there are a couple of things to think about:

What Style of Bag?

There are a few options, from the traditional handbag, messenger bags or backpacks. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.


This is the typical bag you will see women using, and they look like an oversized handbag. They generally have short handles that can go over your shoulder, which looks great for women but is not a good look for you budding savvy dad.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are great for both Mum and Dad. They have a long shoulder strap and don’t look out of place in any setting. They can be a little larger than the traditional style bags, with multiple sections for all your different needs. Most also come with small side straps that attach to your pram so you don’t have to lug it on your should all day (and we all have sore shoulders from carrying the little ones anyway!).


If you prefer a backpack, then there are plenty of options for you too. The only downside to a backpack is that in the same way you might not like the traditional look, your partner may not like the backpack look. Some backpack nappy bags have a “C” style zipper allowing them to open flat giving you easy access to all the contents (which is important once your baby starts wanting to crawl away during nappy changes!).

What Features Should I Look For?

Ok, so you’ve decided on the style of nappy bag you want, but what features should it have?

Quality Zippers

This bag is going to get a lot of use, so first and foremost you want to make sure the bag you get has quality zippers and stitching. You don’t want to find that the zippers have broken or are getting stuck after a couple of week’s heavy use.

Same goes for the stitching. With all those great pockets holding bottles, dummies, wet-wipes and so on, the stitching is going to get a work out. A good quality bag is worth the price, as you’ll only end up replacing a cheap bag in a couple of months.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets!

There’s nothing worse than rifling through a bag to find what you want. The more pockets you have in a bag the more organised you can be. Knowing where something is in the bag is worth it’s weight in gold, especially when you need to be fast! Remember you’re baby will take any opportunity to grab loose items, kick their feet in the dirty nappy or try to crawl away, so the faster you can find something the better!

Ease of Access

Similar to having organised pockets, you will also want ease of access to those items. Some bags come with pockets that you can access from both inside and outside the bag. Others will have changing pads that simply fold out from the side of the bag, while others are fully detached (which is useful as your baby gets bigger).


A bag with insulated pockets is a must have! This allows you to keeps bottles, baby food etc… cold or warm depending on your preference. These are great for those outdoor picnics and BBQs. Some bags will be fully insulated with a zipper, while others will remain open at the top for easy access.


Pick a bag that both you and your partner will be happy with. Make sure that it is good quality that will stand up to heavy use, you may have to spend a bit more but it will be worth it in the long run.

Take your time and research your options. Go to your local baby shop and test out the bags they have. If you like what they have and the price is good, then by all means purchase it there and reward them for having the stock and giving you help. Otherwise find the best price online, read specific reviews of the bag you like.

If you have a favourite bag or any other tips, let us know in the comments!