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The Value of a Dad

Last Sunday was Father’s Day in some parts of the world. The guys at were chatting about this in the office the other day, when a bit an argument broke out over just how much our dads do at home, and just what they’re worth (in purely monetary terms).

They asked their life insurance guys to look into this, and they used some data sourced by their partners at Legal and General to produce an infographic containing this data – and it turns out that  dads do about £24k ($37,150 AUD) worth of household work a year, as well as their day jobs!


The Business of Kidults and Money

Last night on the Angela’s Business Mix show on Eagle Waves Radio, Peter Black (of Peter Black Coaching) gave some great advice about dealing with your adult children and older teens.

Some topics covered were preparing your kids for financial independence and the realities of the “Small Business of Life”. As usual Peter is full of fantastic advice, most of which I hope to implement in the years to come as our son (and any future kids) get older.

Follow the link in the tweet below to listen in.